our team

Rampart Products was born from a desire to provide great customer service with a reasonable delivery time to those in need of HPHT electrical connectors.

Rampart's team is comprised of individuals who offer decades of engineering experience in the oil and gas industry. Skill sets range from designing complete downhole tool systems to creating efficient manufacturing processes, along with in-depth knowledge of engineering design and manufacturing of HPHT electrical connectors.
Ed Beshoory President
Ed Beshoory has focused on drilling tool mechanical engineering since graduating from Texas A&M. His career began in 1990 with Smith International where he assisted in the development and manufacturing of Dyna-Drill mud motors.

Moving to a startup in 1992, BICO Drilling Tools, Ed developed two generations of mud lubed motor designs that consistently outperformed oil sealed bearing packs under harsh conditions. Additionally, he worked on an instrumented mud motor, a rotary steerable system and, specialized drilling tools for river crossings.

In 2003, Ed formed Oilwell Solutions with the express purpose to develop a low-cost rotary steerable system of which the rights were sold and are now commercial. Along the way, companies requested he consults with them on their engineering projects. The consulting has been quite varied; from MWD/LWD and wellbore cleanout tools to surface equipment for pressure control during underbalanced drilling. Other product developments include a novel line of EM-MWD gap subs that eschew ceramic coatings and a nascent HPHT electrical connector line.
Richard Castillo Manufacturing Manager
Richard is an accomplished manufacturing professional with 25 years of experience focused on high-performance plastic, elastomer, and composite molded products. He is also a patent holder with a passion for innovation.

While attending The University of Texas in Arlington in 1990, Richard began his professional career as a Mechanical Designer for Oil States Industries designing products and manufacturing systems in support of commercial, industrial, military, and energy applications.

Beginning in 2000, Richard held a variety of roles at Greene, Tweed & Co. including Application Engineer and Process Engineering Manager while implementing Manufacturing and Product Development Centers in the US and Singapore.
Richard co-founded Rampart Products in May of 2016.
Sean Carter Sales Manager
Sean Carter is a skilled mechanical designer that started in 1992 designing downhole drilling tools and packaging electronics for harsh environment applications.

Sean’s career began in 1992 with BICO Drilling Tools where he worked with Ed Beshoory. Together they were part of a team that created a new, easy to maintain, mud lubed motor design that contains features still in use today.

Sean moved on to Sensorwise, an engineering consultant to Halliburton, then GE-Tensor and finally the US Navy at Applied Research Labs: University of Texas. During this period Sean acquired the knowledge to package electronics for severe service applications such as MWD and LWD systems as well as autonomous underwater vehicles.

In 2006, Sean moved back to Houston and partnered with Ed Beshoory at Oilwell Solutions.

Sean co-founded Rampart Products in May of 2016.
Michael Czuppon Engineering Manager
In 2006 Michael Czuppon graduated from the University of Houston and began his career as a Subsea Design Engineer at Dril-Quip with a focus on Wellhead and wellhead connectors, running tools and riser systems design.

Michael spent the majority of his career as an Applications Engineer for Greene Tweed and Co. where he developed HPHT Electrical Connectors. He also temporarily managed the new product development manufacturing group and the test lab, where he increased his knowledge in manufacturing processes and capabilities.

In 2012, Michael moved to CDI Products and managed the Electrical Connector group from the sales and design to manufacturing and testing. He also worked as an applications engineer for the seal group where he designed and developed many variations of seal technology from the geometric design to material performance.
Michael co-founded Rampart Products in May of 2016.