Rampart Products’ engineering group devotes substantial time into developing new concepts related to higher performing electrical connectors. In-depth knowledge of modern manufacturing processes allows us to think more freely when considering new designs. We are working hard to develop the next generation electrical connector, surpassing the performance of current glass-to-metal and injection molded thermoplastic connectors available today.


RamTac™ was awareded with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’

Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Award

at Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston 2023


The innovative RamTac™ contact technology was first introduced in 2019 at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.

After being granted its third patent, at the 2023’s Offshore Technology Conference, Rampart won the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Award for the Rotary-Fit Connector System containing RamTac™.

Since its inception, we have put thousands of connectors in service, being subjected to the most rugged conditions – logging millions of hours in extreme environments with no failures. When the industry needed a more robust contact design – Rampart showed its innovative process and responded with RamTac™.

The design has passed the most stringent industry standard qualification test by an independent test facility, recorded many hours performing as advertised – but, the real test and measure of achievement, are the satisfied customers that keep coming back.

Our company produces a variety of unique rotary connector designs, ranging from 3 to10 contacts.

Patent No. 11,489,278 / 11,217,928 / 11,588,264


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RamTac Technology - Patent No. 11,489,278 / 11,217,928 / 11,588,264
RamTac – Contact Technology Patent No. 11,489,278 / 11,217,928 / 11,588,264

RamTac™ Features & Benefits

• Extreme shock and vibration resistance.
• High temperature capable to 500°F.
• Very durable with no risk of damage during cleaning.
• High electrical current ampacity.
• No elastomer energizer subject to compression set.


Kahuna Corrosion Proof Under Water Connector


  • Galvanically matched materials throughout mated connector system.

  • Molded PEEK insulator eliminates all galvanic couples from water to mount.

  • No cathodic delamination of rubber (TPU) overmold.

  • Splash/Pressure cap or CCP assembly ensures fastener protective cap cannot disengage.

  • All metal components are fixtured and over molded, fully integrated.

    Dual sealing (face and radial) receptacle – same as standard RP5 Series product line.

  • Open face pressure rating up to 15,000 psi.

  • Kahuna Series is a drop-in replacement for RP5 Series.


A – Fastener material is customer choice.

B – PEEK Protective Cap, O-ring sealed (Fastener has no contact with seawater).

C – Mates with Galvanically Matched RP5 CCP.

D – Accepts standard RP5 insert.

E – Molded PEEK insulator body eliminates all galvanic couples from water to mount.

F – Individual face seal O-ring for each fastener.


Superior Contact Technology

Our customer required an extreme pressure hermetic connector tolerant of angular misalignment, that could blind wet mate for an oil drilling application. Rampart developed a robust uni-body contact design versus competitors that use a less reliable multi-piece design.

Qualified product delivered in only 12 weeks.






Our in-house test facility allows us to fully qualify HPHT connectors:

⚙ Simultaneous 30,000 PSI @ 500°F

⚙ Real-time data collection plus remote monitoring.

⚙ Logs of temperature and pressure profiles during the testing.

⚙ Contact insertion and extraction force

⚙ Insulation resistance

⚙ Electrical continuity

⚙ Automated optical full dimensional verification.

⚙ Test Reports are generated and provided as a qualification standard.

⚙ Utilize the Cirris System 1100H+ Cable Tester to test our products for continuity and up to 1500VDC insulation resistance in seconds.

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