Head-to-head testing by customers has proven the innovation packed Rampart Rotary-Fit HPHT electrical connector is unquestionably the highest performing and most rugged available in the market.



A – RamTac™* Is superior in shock and vibration resistance: proven by rigorous lab and field testing performed by two of our major customers and DynaQual Labs. *US & International Patents apply.
Patent No. 11,489,278 / 11,217,928 / 11,588,264
B – Termination options:
  • Flying leads
  • Solder cups with HPHT hermetic bulkheads.
C – No solder joints that will fail under shock and vibration.
D – Molded PEEK bodies provide increased rigidity and insulation resistance versus others’ assembled systems.
RamTac Rotatable connector set.
RamTac Contact Technology. Rotatable connector set. Patent No. 11,489,278 / 11,217,928 / 11,588,264
RamTac™ – Contact Technology Patent No. 11,489,278 / 11,217,928 / 11,588,264


  • Number of Contacts: Up to 10
  • Termination: Solder Cup or Flying Leads
  • Body Material: PEEK plastic
  • Contact Material: C172 Beryllium Copper or Inconel
  • Support Disk Material: Copper alloy


  • Current: Up to 8 Amps
  • Voltage: 1000 VDC
  • Temperature: Up to 500 °F
  • Pressure: Up to 30,000 psi
  • Insulation Resistance: 5 GΩ @ 1000 VDC @ ambient

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