The team at Rampart wanted to know how the competition performs when tested to published performance specifications. All manufacturers tested claim to be rated to 20,000 psi @ 200°C. As you can see in the photos, they did not perform as advertised. Of the connectors tested, the worst case was a leak starting 26 minutes into the test, with catastrophic failure happening immediately after. The best was a leak starting 3 hr 47 min into the test, and catastrophic failure happening 6 hr 16 min after exposed to high temperature and pressure.

By comparison, the Rampart connector was exposed to the same pressure and temperature for a total of 1067 hrs 16 min. It was removed from the pressure vessel on 5 occasions to look for any signs of leakage, and put back into the same environment. After logging over 44 days at high pressure and high temperature, with zero leakage, we knew that we had the design and manufacturing expertise to launch Rampart Products with confidence.